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Pokemon Lyrics

Pocket Monsters Lyrics

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Opening Themes Pokémon Theme Kakurenbo (Hide-and-Seek) O-Yasumi Boku no Pikachu (Goodnight My Pikachu) Tankentai o tsukurou! (Let's Prepare an Exploration Party~) Aratanaru Chikai (Renewed Oath) Unbeatable This Dream We Will Be Heroes Battle Frontier Born to be a Winner I Believe Diamond and Pearl Mezase Pokemon Master (Aim to be a Pokemon Master) Natsuyatsumi Fan Club Together Best Wishes Rival High Touch! (High Five!) Pokemon World Saikoo Everyday! (The Best Everyday!) Pokemon Johto! OK! Ready Go! Master Quest I Wanna Be A Hero Ending Themes Kaze to Issho ni (Together With the Wind) Tomodachi kinenbi (Friend's Memorial Day) Manatsu no dai sakusen! (Midsummer's Big Plan) Ashita Tenki ni Shite Okure (I Hope There's Fine Weather Tomorrow) This Side of Paradise Kimi no Mune ni Lalala (Lalala In Your Heart) Pocket Ni Fantasy (Fantasy in my Pocket) Nyaasu no Party (Nyaasu's Party) Nyaasu no Uta (Nyaasu's Song) Pika-Pika Massai Chuu (In the Midst of Sparkling) toi et moi (you and me) Boku no Best Friend e (To My Best Friend) Kimi no Soba de~Hikari no Theme~ (By Your Side~Hikari's Theme~) Hyakugojuuichi (151) Kaze no Message (Message of the Wind) Ashita wa Kitto (I'm Sure Tomorrow...) Pokemon Ieru ka na? BW (Can You Say Pokemon's Names? BW) Moe yo! Giza Mimi Pichuu (Burn! Spiky-eared Pichu!) Watashi, Makenai!~Haruka no Theme~ (I Won't Lose!~Haruka's Theme~) Pokemon Hara-Hara Riree Takeshi no Paradaisu (Takeshi's Paradise) Big Nyarth Day Pockettari Monstari (Pocket Monsters) Glory day ~Kagayaku Sono Hi~ (Glory day~That Shining Day~) Movie Songs Bouken no Hajimari da!! Koe (Echoes) Sora (Universe) Yoake no Ryuuseigun (Meteor Shower of Dawn) Niji ga Umareta Hi (The Day a Rainbow Was Born) Make a Wish L•O•V•E•L•Y ~yume miru LOVELY BOY~ (L.O.V.E.L.Y. dreaming of lovely boy) We Will Meet Again Hajimari no Uta (Song of the Beginning) Mamoru Beki Mono (The One You Must Protect) I'll Always Remember You I Will Be With You (Where the Lost Ones Go) Battle Cry (Stand Up!) Tweedia Flying Without Wings Dreams They Don't Understand Game Songs Pokemon Ieru ka neo? (Can You Say Pokemon neo?) Other Songs 2B A Master Pokerap GS Suteki na Collection (Splendid Collection) Stay Together Sora Tobu Pokemon Kids (Soaring Pokemon Kids) Song of Jigglypuff Secret Garden Roketto-Dan Yo Eien Ni (Rocket Team Forever) Pool (11-sai no Natsumi) Polkámon PokeRAP The Chosen One Pokemon Sandwich Pokemon Ondo Pokemon Master e no Michi (The Way to Be A Pokemon Master) Pokemon Kazoeuta POKEMON kakeru ka na? Pokemon Ieru Ka Na (Can You Say Pokemon) Pokemon Harahara^2 Relay (muzukashi ban) (Pokemon Worried^2 Relay (hard part)) Pokémon Christmas Bash Taiju to Nakama-tachi (Taiju and Friends) The Christmas Song One Heart Utau Pokemon Zukan Mushi Pokemon Part1 (Singing Pokemon Encyclopedia: Bug Pokemon, Part 1) You Can Do It (If You Really Try) Winter is the Coolest Time of Year What Kind of Pokémon Are You? Ware wa Korekutaa (I Am a Collector) Viridian City Utau Pokemon Zukan NOOMARU Pokemon Part2 (Singing Pokemon Encyclopedia: Normal Pokemon, Part 2) Utau Pokemon Zukan NOOMARU Part 1 (Singing Pokemon Encyclopedia: Normal Part 1) Utau Pokemon Zukan Mushi Pokemon Part2 (Singing Pokemon Encyclopedia: Bug Pokemon, Part 2) Under the Mistletoe The Game Umi (Sea) Type: Wild (English Version) Type: Wild Torikaekko Please (Let's Trade Please) Together, Forever To Know the Unknown The Time Has Come The Time Has Come The Power of One Pikachu (I Choose You) Pokémon (Dance Mix) One Comin' to the Rescue Hai Asa Desu Yo! (Yes! It's Morning!) Gunya Gunya Gas Gas Gotta Catch 'Em All Everything Changes Double Trouble Do Ya Really Wanna Play? Crayon de Pokemon (Pokemon with Crayons) Christmas Medley I Keep My Home In My Heart Cele-b-r-a-t-e Bokura Pichu Pichu Brothers (We Are the Pichu Pichu Brothers) Blah Blah Blah Biggest Part of My Life Best Friends Atarashii Tomodachi (New Friend) Ano Oka wo Mezashite (Aim for the Top of the Hill) All We Wanna Do Hitoribocchi ja nai (You're Not Alone Anymore) You & Me & Pokémon I'm Giving Santa A Pikachu This Christmas Misty's Song Must Be Santa Meowth's Party Mama no Daiji Na Pokemon (Mama's Dear Pokemon) My Best Friends Ne-o-e-oh! Minna ga Ita Kara ('Coz Everyone's Here) Kokoro no Fanfare (Fanfare of the Heart) Never Too Far From Home It's Always You and Me Omake (Bonus) Rival Destinies Two Perfect Girls Soda Pop We're a Miracle Kono Yubi Tomare (Follow Me) Pichupika Swing Hateshinai Sekai (Endless World) Minna de Arukou! (Let's All Walk Together!) Lucky Lucky He Drives Me Crazy Chiisaki Mono (The Little One) Hey! Pikachu! Aa Marumain (Oh Marumain) Raparasu ni Notte (Riding on Lapras) Maemuki Roketto-dan! (Look Ahead, Rocket Gang!) Yajirushi ni Natte! (Become an Arrow!) We Will Carry On Black and White Be a Hero HOWAITO DANSU (White Dance)
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English Title: Pocket Monsters
Also Known As: Pokémon
Related Anime:
Released: 1997

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