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Love Live! School Idol Project Song Lyrics

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Opening Themes Bokura wa Ima no Naka de (We're Here in the Present) Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki (That's The Miracle We Made) Ending Themes Kitto Seishun ga Kikoeru (We Can Definitely Hear Our Youth) Donna Toki mo Zutto (Anytime, Anywhere) Insert Songs Angelic Angel ?←HEARTBEAT Hello, Hoshi o Kazoete (Hello, Count The Stars) SUNNY DAY SONG Music S.T.A.R.T!! Aishiteru Banzai! (I Love You, Hurray!) Private Wars Susume Tomorrow (Advance to Tomorrow) START:DASH!! Kore kara no Someday (Someday from Now On) Bokura no LIVE, Kimi to no LIFE (Our LIVE is Our LIFE with You) Wonder zone No brand girls Oh,Love&Peace! Other Songs Moshimo Kara Kitto (Maybe if... I'm Sure...) Sakkaku Crossroads (Illusion Crossroads) A song for You! You? You!! Natsu, Owaranaide. (Summer, Please Don't End.) Natsuiro Egao de 1,2,Jump! (1, 2, Jump, with a Summer-Colored Smile!) Nawatobi (Jump Rope) Yuujou NO CHANGE (Friendship NO CHANGE) NO EXIT ORION Otome Shiki Ren'ai Juku (Maiden Style Romance Prep School) Puwa Puwa-O! Saitei de Saikou no Paradiso (The Greatest and Worst Paradiso) Yume no Tobira (Door to Our Dreams) Mogyutto "Love" de Sekkinchuu (Almost Tightly Holding Love) Wonderful Rush Shiranai Love*Oshiete Love (I Don't Know Love*Teach Me Love) Silent tonight Snow Halation soldier game Spica Terrible Suki desu ga Suki desu ka? (I Love You, But Do You Love Me?) TAKARAMONOZU (Treasures) Trouble Busters! Yuuki no Reason (Reason for Courage) Mermaid Festa vol.2 ~Passionate~ UNBALANCED LOVE Arifureta Kanashimi no Hate (The Ends of Ordinary Sadness) Cutie Panther Daiyamondo Purinsesu no Yuuutsu (Melancholy of the Diamond Princess) Dancing stars on me! Daring!! (Darling!!) Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan (The Premonition Winter Gave Me) Mermaid Festa vol.1 Jun'ai Lens (Pure Love Lens) Aki no Anata no Sora Tooku (Your Autumn Sky, Far Away) Kimi no Kuse ni (Even Though It's Just You) KiRa-KiRa Sensation (Sparkling Sensation) after school NAVIGATORS Kokuhaku Biyori, desu! (Perfect Weather for a Confession!) Love Marginal Love Novels LOVELESS WORLD Mahou Tsukai Hajimemashita! (I've Become a Mage!) Beat In Angel SENTIMENTAL StepS Binetsu Kara Mystery (Mystery From Slight Fever) Garasu no Hanazono (Glass Garden) Kodoku na Heaven (Lonely Heaven) Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai (I Want to Dance at Princess Kaguya's Castle) WILD STARS A-no-ne-ga-n-ba-re! (Hey-There-Do-Your-Best!) Shangri-La Shower Sayounara e Sayonara! (Farewell to Farewell!) MOMENT RING Nico Puri♥Joshi Dou (Pretty Nico's♥Way of Being a Girl) Zurui Magnetic Today (Cunning Magnetic Today)
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Japanese Title: ラブライブ! School idol project
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Released: 2013
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