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Under Ninja Lyrics


Opening Theme Hyper Ending Theme Himitsu
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Japanese Title: アンダーニンジャ
Original Release Date:
  • October 6, 2023
Released: 2023

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A high school recluse unexpectedly lands a life-changing part-time job, taking on the role of a contemporary ninja assigned to carry out international assassination missions.

Following World War II, Allied Command in Japan established a novel agency to tackle terrorism and violence across the Pacific region. This organization recruited ninja operatives, initially for domestic tasks. Over time, the program expanded to its current scope, overseeing a force of 20,000 ninja skilled in various domestic and international operations.

Among these ninja is Kudo, a seventeen-year-old loner from high school who now finds himself at the forefront of defense against a potential influx of foreign assassins infiltrating Tokyo.

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