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Shaman King Lyrics


Opening Themes Over Soul Northern Lights Ending Themes Trust You Omokage (Reminiscence) Insert Songs brave heart Silent Weapon Other Songs Joh! Butsu Towaie Chimi Chimi Moryo (Evil Mountain Spirits) Ringo URAMI UTA (Ringo's Song of Hatred) The Dawn Tamashii Kasanete (Souls Overlap) BOBLOVE Moonchant Kirameku Kakera Laugh After Pain Shiroi Tsuki (White Moon) Inyou no Chigiri (Pledge of the Yin-Yang) Sono Saki no Justice (The Justice that Follows) Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) IN YOU Verweile Doch! (Linger on!) Discover Al di la da (Beyond) Jiri (Reason) Hana, Hoshi, Sora (Flowers, Stars and Sky) Muge (No Obstacles) Ryuuro (Revelation) With Determined Passion
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Japanese Title: シャーマンキング
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Released: 2001

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