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Saiyuki Lyrics


Opening Themes Sakura no Ki no Shita FOR REAL STILL TIME Ending Themes Hikari no Hou e Tightrope Alone Insert Songs open up your mind Other Songs Junk Boys Looking for the world The way to paradise Bunny Doll Calling my SOUL Freedom From way before GAME Shiny on light Red Criminal rebirth the clouds break. Sei Mei Sen... Something in my Mind (Lifeline... Something in my Mind) bad friends I can fly. Infinity Promise Touch Believe in Glitter stiff breeze TREASURE shangri-La Solitude Go to the West blow winds Hold the light Crimson Proud of my loneliness
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Japanese Title: 幻想魔伝 最遊記
Also Known As:
  • Gensoumaden Saiyuuki
  • Gensomaden Saiyuki
Related Anime:
Released: 2000

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