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Eiyuu Kyoushitsu Lyrics

Classroom For Heroes Lyrics


Opening Theme Bravery? Naturally? Ending Theme Another Self
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Japanese Title: 英雄教室
English Title: Classroom For Heroes
Also Known As:
  • Class Room For Heroes
  • Hero Classroom
Released: 2023

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In a time long gone, a Demon Lord instilled fear across the world until a courageous Hero emerged, challenging and ultimately vanquishing the tyrant, thus putting an end to his oppressive rule. In the aftermath, the Hero established Rosewood Academy, a prestigious institution dedicated to training aspiring heroes, exclusively accepting the most exceptional individuals.

Among them is Arnest Flaming, a young woman driven by a strong sense of duty and the academy's most accomplished student, earning her the revered title of "Empress of Flames." One fateful day, Arnest's path crosses with Blade, a spirited and carefree transfer student who effortlessly matches her in power, much to her annoyance. To her surprise, Arnest is personally entrusted by the King to guide and acquaint Blade with the workings of the academy.

As the tale unfolds, the narrative delves into the challenges faced by these students as they strive to fulfill their aspirations of becoming heroes.

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