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Dark Gathering Lyrics

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Opening Theme Kakuriyo Ending Themes Haiiro intaglio
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Japanese Title: ダークギャザリング
Released: 2023

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Keitarou Gentouga, a college freshman with a deep aversion to ghosts, possesses an unfortunate ability to attract spirits. A past incident, resulting in a spiritual injury to his right hand and impacting his friend, led him to become socially withdrawn with limited social skills. Thankfully, with the support of his childhood friend Eiko Houzuki, Keitarou is gradually reintegrating into society.

As part of his rehabilitation process, Keitarou takes on a part-time job as a private tutor, and his first student happens to be Eiko's cousin, Yayoi Houzuki. Yayoi is not only a child prodigy but also shares the same spiritual sensitivity as Keitarou. However, unlike Keitarou, she eagerly seeks out encounters with spirits, driven by the desire to find the ghost responsible for her mother's disappearance.

As Keitarou is pulled along by Yayoi and Eiko to various haunted locations, his part-time job seems to veer further away from its original purpose, becoming intertwined with supernatural adventures.

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